Yoga Warm-Up workout for Soccer Players

Yoga Warm-Up workout for Soccer Players

There’s not much lasting around in soccer. Players are continually cutting, passing, sprinting, jumping, dribbling, backpedaling. Getting the ball into your competitors’ net and keeping it out of your own is the same as a chess match where the parts never stop moving. Since a single failure is often the difference between getting or missing a play, soccer athletes must be able to run well to be successful. As such, the pre-game training is important. Going in cold is a formula for disaster, but enhancing it can leave your energy levels consumed in crunch time. A complete middle ground gets athletes ready for the gauntlet of strong activity they’re about to continue while keeping their legs fresh. One warm-up that meets the bill? Yoga. Performing a mere yoga-based warm-up before a match or practice can help you stay active and avoid the damages that commonly trouble soccer players.

Get to know about Yoga Warm-Up moves for Soccer players

Get to know about Yoga Warm-Up moves for Soccer players

Here are some best yoga warm-up workout for the soccer player, we teach here in hunters Creek Soccer Academy

  • Dynamic Hip Opener
  • Squatting Crow
  • Forward Fold
  • Lunge Changes
  • Down Dog

Dynamic Hip Opener
Start with your feet hip-width aside. Bend in the middle to wrap your fingers below your right knee and gently pull it toward your ribs while you align your back. Press your left leg back and keep your abdomen in. Hold for five whiffs. Next, gently open your right leg out to the top with your right hand. Lift your left hand from your right joint and place it on your left pelvis. Keeping your arms straight, gently move your right knee in a little clockwise circle 3 times. Repeat the steps with your opposite leg.

Squatting Crow
Put your elbows inside your knees to help unfold your groin
Following the Dynamic Hip Opener, placed your feet about shoulder-width aside. Squat down and put your fingertips on the spot in front of you, having your elbows inside your knees. Drop your feet as far as you can, drop your butt toward the matt and take 5 deep breaths.

Forward Fold
Keep a micro-bend in your joints and increase at the abdomen Out of Squatting Crow, raise your back up while having your fingertips on the ground. Your palms should be even with your feet and your head should be loosened and dropped. Don’t align your knees all the way.

Lunge Changes
Out of forwarding Fold, move your left foot back to go into a Lunge. Your right knee should be top of your right ankle. Work to drive the back of your left knee to the ceiling. Adjust your fingertips with your toes, move your shoulder leaves back and look right ahead. Set both pieces inside your right foot and put your forearms on top of them. Let your right foot to move onto its outside half. “This change is going into your piriformis and glutes a little more. Hold for 5 deep breaths before returning the poses on the opposite side.

Down Dog
Move both feet behind you and go into the top position of a Push-Up. Having your hands and feet set, pull your hips back and up toward the roof. As you go, tuck your head in.

In this part, you have learned about Yoga Warm-Up moves for Soccer Players. But facts mentioned in this part are just a small part of what you want to know as the soccer player. To get an update, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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