The Best Way to Wear Soccer Shin Guards

The Best Way to Wear Soccer Shin Guards

Shin guards and socks are needed for legal play in almost all soccer leagues. There are two fundamental types of shin guards: with ankle guards and without ankle guards. For each type of guard, you should understand the best way to use your socks for the advantage of legal play and your protection on the field.

A perfect way to wear soccer shin guards

The Best Way to Wear Soccer Shin Guards

Let Hunters Creek Soccer Academy guide you the best way to wear soccer shin guards

  • Shin Guards with Ankle Guards
  • Shin Guards without Ankle Guards
  • .Choosing the Right Sock
  • Customizing Your Fit

Shin Guards with Ankle Guards
The shin guards with ankle guards hold two parts. A firm plastic part covers the shin and a half-sock that glides over your ankle, putting two protecting plastic cups on each side of your ankle bone. The shin guards with ankle guards are typically used by youth athletes who need more protection. To use socks with this type of shin guard, placed the shin guard on first, joining the shin guard’s Velcro strap throughout your calf and aligning the ankle guard into position. After the shin guard is in place, uproot your sock over the shin guard so that your hose covers the whole part.

Shin Guards without Ankle Guards
Mature soccer athletes typically use shin guards that do not include ankle guards. This type of shin guard usually has simple plastic enclosures that slide beneath socks or into fabric sleeves or tighten around your calf with a Velcro band. For this kind of shin guard, set your socks and cleats on before putting your shin guard. Once the guard is in point, excavate the sock up over the top of the shin guard. Wrapping solid tape around your leg just underneath and just above the shin guard will help hold it in place.

Choosing the Right Sock
The type of sock you pick may change your skill to use it with some shin guards. Socks that are too tight or short may not open to cover your shin guards, getting up short or not giving enough elasticity. According to Federation Internationale de Football Association rules, A player’s sock must cover the whole shinguard at all points during the game. To bypass difficulties with the right fit, take your shin guards with you and use them when trying on new socks.

Customizing Your Fit
You may get that wearing a shin guard right opposite to your skin, especially if it is kept in place by solid tape on the outline of your sock. To resolve this problem, take a pair of soccer socks and cut off the foot part, leaving the part that covers your calf. You can push this sock “tube” over your leg and put your shinguard on top of it to stop skin irritation. It is also a useful way to reuse old soccer socks that may have gaps in the heel or toe.

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