Soccer for 2 and 3 years old (toddlers soccer program)


Soccer for toddlers is one of the most significant programs we offer. It’s not only fun for age groups; but also helps kids in mental and physical growth. This is the best time for young soccer players to get the experience of playing with soccer ball which leads them to develop their soccer skills and small sided soccer techniques. We always make sure that children are going to have a lot of fun while taking soccer classes that will help them set up their goals high and to get there for sure.

With the emphasis on handling the ball – handball, dangerous play.
How to handle the soccer ball – handball and cop up with uncertain situations.
Fun soccer skills and small sided games are the order of the day for Children under five years old.
This way, they learn how to make quick decisions and become artistic players. Soccer practices and small sided games are some of the good examples. Another good thing is the coach set up a perfect little soccer environment through which toddlers can learn and develop soccer skills and have lots of fun. Also, players under five years of age would have the same.

Dribbling the soccer ball.

One on one soccer moves like v-move, step over or the scissors.

Basic traps like the sole and the instep.

Instep drive with either foot.

Kick in or throw-in – varies with an individual league that the kids play in – some leagues play small sided with no restarts – Master of the ball.

Having fun and getting lots of touches of the soccer ball is the most critical aspect of this age. Also, they should be able to recognize their team fellows and know where they need to score the goals. Hunters Creek Academy coach will have to judge the level of the players. A well-known player in this game would get bored with some of these tactics, but a beginner will have lots of fun because they are just learning the game in a FUN way. Register your kid and get free classes.